Paddy Straw Based Organic Input Products

Kudrat Soi-Mix

  • Soi-Mix is a 100% Bio-Enriched Organic Manure made from fermented Paddy Straw.
  • Organic Neem extract is added to the Paddy Straw based Bio-Enriched Organic Manure to enhance its value. Neem extract acts as a natural pest repellent, thus improving the disease resistance and longevity of the crop/plant.

  • Paddy Straw is rich in Silica. SAVPL’s method of fermenting paddy straw makes the silica directly available to the crops through the organic manure. Silica plays a vital role in improving the stalk strength and immunity of the plant. Silica also prevents the uptake of the harmful arsenic by the plants.
  • Paddy Straw based Organic Manure has an excellent water retaining property. By absorbing the water applied and slowly releasing it to the soil and roots of the plants, the manure prevents any loss of water through evaporation. Thus, the irrigation requirement is also slowly reduced.

  • For every 5 kg of Soi-Mix you buy, you are helping us in preventing the release into the atmosphere, of approximately 8 kg of Carbon Dioxide along with a number of other pollutants.


  • Alkafin is a liquid extract derived from Paddy Straw. Naturally, it consists of all the macro and micro nutrients present in Paddy Straw. Alkafin and the Bio-Enriched Organic Manure together have proven to give a yield increase of up to 20%.
  • Keeping in mind the the extremely alkaline soils of Punjab and Haryana, Alkafin is prepared with a controlled Ph value of less than 7. This enables Alkafin to act as a growth booster at in extreme alkaline soils with a high ph.