About Us

Our Core Objectives

Protecting the Environment

Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (SAVPL) was founded with the primary goal of finding a solution to Paddy Straw Burning. India produces over 100 million tonnes of Paddy Straw annually, close to 80% of which is burned openly in fieldsBurning of 1 ton of Paddy Straw releases close 1.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide and around 200 kgs of Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere. New Delhi bears the impact of the pollution created by the paddy straw burning each year. By purchasing the Paddy Straw from the farmers, SAVPL plays a vital role in preventing its open burning.

Renewable Energy

SAVPL utilises the paddy straw, an agricultural waste (which is primarily burned in open fields across South East Asia), as a valuable resource of renewable energy. By producing Biogas from composting the straw, SAVPL has found a way to reduce the burden on fossil fuels such as Natural Gas and coal, as means of fuel for transport or power. The Biogas produced by SAVPL from Paddy Straw can be utilised as a direct substitute of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or can be utilised for generating renewable power.

Giving Back to the Soil

Open field burning of paddy straw, in fact, even the biomass thermal (burning) power plants destroy the valuable nutrients available in that straw and other biomass alike. The burning, whether in the open, or controlled, releases carbon dioxide and creates a toxic, non-decomposing waste in the form of ash. SAVPL instead, converts it into a Bio-enriched organic manure. Through its fermenting process, the nutrients of the straw become readily available to crops once the organic manure is applied into the soil.

Working with the Farmers

A core objective of SAVPL is to uplift the farmer community. SAVPL works closely with the farmer every step of the way. It begins with purchasing the straw, which the farmer would have burned otherwise, thereby, providing the farmer an additional source of revenue from his waste. SAVPL then has constant interaction with various agricultural universities and farmers to spread awareness of the importance of using organic manure. SAVPL takes great pain to help out the farming community in any way it can.

Team Behind SAVPL and its Technology

Founder and Visionary

  • Mr Sanjeev Nagpal being conferred with the State Award for his work in preventing paddy straw burning through Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (SAVPL)
  • Mr Sanjeev Nagpal is a mechanical engineer (PEC University) by qualification, businessman/entrepreneur by profession, environmentalist by passion and a philanthropist from the heart. He founded Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to end the environmental, economical and human life destruction caused through Paddy Straw burning.


  • Sameer Nagpal - Director at Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sameer Nagpal, is the son of Mr Sanjeev Nagpal. He is a MSc in Accounting and Finance by qualification, and came to India from London to aid his father in his pursuit of conserving the environment through sustainable development.

Technology Partner

  • Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi

  • SAVPL enlisted the services of the world renowned Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi to develop the technology to successfully ferment and compost paddy straw for the production of biogas and bio-enriched organic manure.